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How to Create Sunlit Leaves and Branches

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Introduction | Palette and Brush Reference Images

Palette Reference Image

Paint Brush Reference Image

Week 1 - Brush & Oil Paints Buying Guide | Mediums and Varnishes

Paint Brush Buying Guide

Oil Paints Buying Guide

Oil Paint Mediums and Varnishes

Week 2 - Panel Preparation | Easel, Palette, Brush Holder | Oil Paint Tube Filling

Panel Preparation – Choosing, Cutting, Priming, Texturing

Easel, Palette, Brush Holder

Oil Paint Tube Filling Made Easy

Week 3 - Cleaning Brushes | Palette Knives | Studio Tools

Cleaning Brushes without Soap or Toxic Solvents

Palette Knives and Techniques

Handy Studio Tools

Week 4 - Outdoor Plein Air Introduction

Outdoor Plein Air Oil Painting Demo and Guide

Week 5 - Starting a Painting

Selection and Rejection

Abstract Shapes and Shadow Patterns

Color Saturation and Realism

Week 6 - Color Mastery | Finishing Touches

Color Temperatures and Knowing Your Palette

From Humble Beginnings to Masterwork

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