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All of these paintings were created for galleries - these are not the demos you typically see

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(Regularly $35)


Hammock Stand is a group of cottonwood trees near some stables in Granby, Colorado. I was fortunate to paint with the Plein Air Painters of America at Winter Park and a group of us enjoyed a day of painting on a private ranch. The sun illiminated the leaves and brought out all their fall glory. This hour long video shows every brushstroke of the painting and palette - you get to see it all. This is not a typical demonstration piece - this is a 10x8 painting I completed for my galleries.

(Regularly $75)


4 hour long information packed painting video teaching you how to create stunning roses with oil paint. Sweet Summer Days is an 18x24 inch oil painting created for my galleries. These roses were growing in my backyard and I was mesmorized by the light filtering through the petals. This video shows every brushstroke of the painting and palette - you get to see it all. This is not a typical demonstration piece - this is a painting I completed for my galleries. I spent 5 months editing the film so you could spend less time learning and more time painting your own masterpiece! 

(Regularly $35)


While my family and I were camping in Brown County we decided to drive and explore the smaller back roads of the state park. The sun was out, but it was a very atmospheric day, a lot of moisture in the air, which made the colors even more brilliant than usual. As we passed a fork in the road I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw a dazzling display as the light filtered through the dust we kicked up. I immediately pulled over and started capturing the fleeting image with my camera. We then took the opportunity to wander for a while and explore. Sometimes all we get is a brief moment with a beautiful scene, but whenever possible I prefer, rather than just snapping some pictures and heading off, to sit and observe and soak up all the subtle nuances of color and light.

 (Regularly $75)


The 24x30 inch oil painting Finding Gold in Estes Park was sold through Broadmoor Galleries. Kristie and I took a trip to Estes, Colorado for an Oil Painters of America show I was in. We hiked around all day enjoying the light filled landscape and mountains. This river runs right through Estes and I couldn't resist painting all the fun colors of the rocks in the flowing water. I filmed the entire painting process - both the painting and the palette - and edited out all the brush cleaning, sneezing or grabbing a paper towel. You get to see every brushstroke and all my color mixing, plus voice over describing and explaining the whole process. Creating these videos is very time consuming, taking generally 3-5 months to finish.

(Regularly $35)


This is the actual hill my children and I go to for sledding. It is also where an adventurous sledding enthusiast built a larger-than-it-looked jump that I thought I could handle with no problem – yes, I broke my tail bone – but, it sure was a fun day!
Winter is so beautiful and clean with dazzling lights and shadows – painting this scene was pure enjoyment. Unfortunately, my camera’s hard drive crashed without me knowing and all the palette clips are now lost. I decided you would want to see the video anyway because it is such a wonderful winter painting to learn from. Fortunately, this is the last video that I will be adding to the site without the palette. During the voice over I describe the colors and the mixtures I use to create the painting. The painting brushstrokes and techniques are much more critical in this piece than the color mixtures since the colors are fairly simple and there are fewer choices than in my typical landscapes.
Have a wonderful time creating your own winter wonderland!

(Regularly $35)


This creek was near San Isabel Lake, about 12 miles up into the mountains from our home. I had fun with the placement of complimentary colors like lavendar and yellow, and blue and orange. This 6x8 inch painting of Greenhorn Creek was painted along with members of my Master Oil Painting Course. Periodically we have a Paint Together where I choose an image for each of us to paint. Then during the live webinar we get to view the variety of our unique approaches that come from the same photo. 

Each month for members of the Master Oil Painting monthly membership and those who own the Master Oil Painting Course we hold a live online Q&A hangout. We also participate in a Paint Together - I send out a photo of a landscape or a flower scene and we each create our own painting. We then share photos of those on the webinar and I choose 5 or 6 of the paintings to critique (if the artists so desire). The whole session is recorded and placed here for you to refer back to as often as you would like!

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