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Sledding Hill Full

This is the actual hill my children and I go to for sledding. It is also where an adventurous sledding enthusiast built a larger-than-it-looked jump that I thought I could handle with no problem – yes, I broke my tail bone – but, it sure was a fun day!
Winter is so beautiful and clean with dazzling lights and shadows – painting this scene was pure enjoyment. Unfortunately, my camera’s hard drive crashed without me knowing and all the palette clips are now lost. I decided you would want to see the video anyway because it is such a wonderful winter painting to learn from. Fortunately, this is the last video that I will be adding to the site without the palette. During the voice over I describe the colors and the mixtures I use to create the painting. The painting brushstrokes and techniques are much more critical in this piece than the color mixtures since the colors are fairly simple and there are fewer choices than in my typical landscapes.
Have a wonderful time creating your own winter wonderland!

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