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"You work so hard to keep us excited and engaged so that learning what you teach is fun... Thank you from the bottom of my heart."- Janne

Why Do You Need this Course?

  • Is it time for you to let the top Master Oil Painting Course on the market help you achieve your artistic goals? Join hundreds of your fellow artists who have already started.
  • Self Paced and you will always have unlimited access to the material. Want to go through material again in 2 years? Go ahead!
  • You gain access to more than 30 Years of high end gallery success experience - broken down into essential, easy to understand elements.
  • I hold an MFA in studio painting and have years of classical training from worldclass instructors.
  • You have helped my YouTube art videos reach nearly 1.5 MILLION views!
  • This isn't about formulas - you will learn principles professional artists use to create and sell art!
  • I HOLD NOTHING BACK - no secrets, no glossing over, no quiant generalities - 30+ years of experience condensed and shared with you.
  • Featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Winner of the Congressional Art Award and more...
  • Painting is how I have provided for my family - it's what I do - and I want to teach you to do the same!

What's in the Course ?

15 VIDEOS (several hours ) COVERING EVERYTHING FROM PANEL PREPARATION to the final refining painting techniques!

THIS IS NOT A DVD - You get instant access to all the videos!

  • Inexpensive, archival, high quality panels
  • What to use to prime and seal panels
  • How to add texture for beautiful effects
  • What brushes I use and why
  • Sizes, brands and how to make them last
  • Brush techniques for thick and thin paint
  • Why I use a white pocelain table
  • The benefit of attaching my easel to a wall
  • How to easily make a handy brush holder
  • What is the best medium to use
  • What's the deal with Liquin, Maroger and cold wax mediums?
  • To varnish or not to varnish?
  • What brands, colors and sizes to buy
  • Will zinc crack my paintings
  • What do the best artists have on their palettes? Should we use their colors?
  • Why I buy in bulk
  • A step by step video that shows how to tube our own paint
  • Why I rarely clean my brushes with soap
  • How to keep brush edges razor sharp
  • How I use the same brush for multiple colors without cleaning
  • How to decide what to keep and what to ignore when painting from life or a photo
  • How I change a background to pop the center of interest forward
  • Why I use a palette knife to paint only occassionally
  • Knife techniques I find helpful
  • How to choose a good knife and what to avoid
  • A full plein-air painting demonstration from start to finish!
  • Choosing a good location and how to quickly capture what drew you to that spot
  • Why painting from life is critical to becoming a professional artist
  • 4 gallery paintings and the underlying principles I use to begin each one
  • Establishing abstract light and shadow patterns immediately
  • Why judging values is much more important than choosing colors 
  • How I increase color saturation and still maintain realism
  • How to avoid becoming a slave to our scene, study or photo
  • How I create rich, colorful darks and highlights
  • How to determine the correct color temperature and why warm colors don't always advance
  • Why I ignore color wheels and encourage color charts
  • How we each perceive color uniquely - why there isn't a wrong or right to choosing colors
  • How form is created with light and shadow
  • Why we should keep most of our colors in the mid value range
  • Start to finish buildup of this aspen painting including the final leaf details and a ton of information about why and how all along the way


A Sneak peek at one of the training videos!
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  •  I spent more than 6 months creating the videos for this Master Oil Painting course!
  • This course contains hours of condensed instruction designed to help you become a professional artist!
  • There is NO EXPIRATION - watch the videos over and over for as long as you would like
  • Stream the videos from virtually any device with an internet connection
  • Download the videos to your computer if you would prefer
  • Watch all the course content immediately - you don't have to wait for the next week's videos
  • Email or call me if you have any questions - I am in my studio painting most days except Sunday

Bonus 1 - Access to ALL Replays of Private Q&A's/Critiques

Each month for members of the Master Oil Painting monthly membership and those who own the Master Oil Painting Course we hold a live online Q&A hangout. We also participate in a Paint Together - I send out a photo of a landscape or a flower scene and we each create our own painting. We then share photos of those on the webinar and I choose 5 or 6, of either the Paint Together paintings or another of your paintings you send in, for critique. The whole session is recorded and placed here for you to refer back to as often as you would like!

Bonus 2 - Member's Only Facebook Group

  • You have access to a private member's only Facebook group where you can meet other members and share your work, your struggles and what you have learned

  • I also comment on students' posts and post my own work to the group periodically

  • Enjoy a Facebook painting page where you can ask questions and learn without judgement

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