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You Save 30%
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What's in the 6 Week Course?

Color Mastery - This is one of the 15 videos available in the Course

15 Videos: Oil painting principles covering everything from paint buying and pallet preparation to advanced composition

Instant Access: No waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail. You can view every video instantly

Does not Expire: Watch whenever you want, and as many times as you want, without worrying about losing access to the training

"Bill, I just looked at your Master Course.. and the only thing I can say is a
Big WoooW!" - Karlo

"Wish I had seen your explanation of color when I started painting six years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and confusion!!!" - Victoria

"Yo Bill, Thanks for all your efforts on the oil painting class - it's better then any workshop I've ever been to, and I've been to many!" - Pat

"Thank you for sharing your painting… Loved watching the details, found them very helpful.!" - Robin

Your Master Oil Painting Community Bonus Content

​1st Bonus - Members Only Webinars and Q&A's

There is no other fine art training online today that gives you a chance to have your work critiqued month after month!

Our community holds a members only webinar every month where I offer LIVE critiques for the first 25 paintings submitted.

You also gain access to our entire library of past webinars!

"Oh my gosh!  I love it. In the first minute I learned something!" Betty C.

2nd Bonus - Invite to our Private Facebook Group

Mix and Mingle with Fellow Members

Give and Recieve Comments on Shared Artwork

Discuss Current Training and Upcoming Events

Be the First to Know about New Content

3rd Bonus - Inside Track on Free Content

Our Master Oil Painting community is the reason we have such great free content available like the 'Fly on the Wall' - Facebook LIVE, The Blank Canvas Series - Interviews with renown artists, our fast motion instruction videos and the 'Bill's Thoughts' blog posts. Our community is thousands of artists strong, and together we have created some amazing art training material that continues to grow and bless the lives of others.

I'm excited to have you join our community, and invite you to peruse some of what we've done, and maybe even bring some of your own ideas to the canvas!

'Fly on the Wall' - Facebook LIVE 

Most Thursday's we have our 'Fly on the Wall' - Facebook LIVE events where I bring the viewers into an average day in my studio and answer questions as I paint.

It's a great chance to ask any questions you may have as we spend 30-60 minutes talking and painting.

Blank Canvas Series

Every few weeks we interview an artist that our community has requested in our Blank Canvas Series. 

The artists we interview range from lanscape to figure painters, and all have incredible stories to tell.

Click on the image to the right to view our most recent Blank Canvas Interview.

Fast Motion Instructional Videos

On a regular basis we take one of the videos from our Monthly Membership and create an instructional fast motion video.

They are a fun way to see the entire process of creating a gallery quality painting in a much shorter and entertaining way. Enjoy!

Bill's Thoughts Blog Posts

A couple times each month we do a blog post with art tips, tricks, or lessons.

They can be anything, but usually stem from questions asked by our members.

Click on the image to the right to view one of our posts and learn how to paint Hollyhocks.

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You Save 30%
Only $186.90

You Save 30%
Only $207.90

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